November 18, 2017

All Creatures Great and Small

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"All things bright and beautiful"  is the first line of a favourite hymn, the next line, I am sure you all know is "all creatures great and small".  That's what our blog challenge is all about, all kinds of creatures as the main feature on your card.  Everybody has a favourite creature, I would have a houseful of different creatures if I could, going away with the caravan however, is not ideal if you can't take your pets with you.  The dogs come with us of course and I have seen people with cats and birds.   So what would be the smallest creature - not counting insects and micro organisms!

The Etruscan shrew weighs only 1.2 to 2.7g so could be considered the world's smallest mammal.   Slightly bigger is the Pygmy Marmoset, one of the smallest primates and the smallest true monkey, with a body length - not including tale - of 14 - 16 cm and a birth weight of 15g.

Or how about this tiny Bee Hummingbird who measure 5.7cm and weighs 1.8g 

My daughter's Miniature Poodle has just had puppies averaging 200g, which are huge compared to these tiny creatures.   Now I have nothing against small dogs, in fact I have always wanted a chihuahua, but I am against breeders trying to miniaturize further, like teacup puppies for example, as they can end up with all sorts of health problems.

Finally, Teresa did a bit of drawing while she's been on leave and she's offering this freebie of a Betta Fish for all who visit.  Right click the image and Save.

So over to you, show us your pets or favourite animals - great or small.


  1. Thank you very much for the freebie fish - I used him here:

    IKE x

    1. You are very welcome, Ike. I love what you did with him and left some love on your blog post. TFS

  2. Great post, Angela. You always find such interesting animals facts.

  3. Hope I got this right ... I shared a picture of our 18pound feral calico

    1. You got it exactly right, Cara. :-D He's so beautiful !!


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