Sharing from Facebook?

Hi crafty friends! Are you sharing your card from your Facebook account? There is a way to post a photo of your project on your personal FB account AND we can see it.

Here's how:
When you choose the Upload Photo option on your personal FB account...
  1. Choose the photo you are going to upload.
  2. Then BEFORE YOU POST IT, on the right side is a "picture" of a person with the words "specific friends". Click on that little pull down arrow.
  3. Choose the first option - PUBLIC.
  4. Then post (publish) your entry.

That way, anyone who clicks on the link you provide, will be able to see what you are sharing without having to friend you. I do this with most of my card photos, so that people who have not "friended" me, can still see my cards. I hope this helps!

Donna Ellis 10-29-2019

Page updated on 25th September 2021 / Kleido

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