September 15, 2017


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This is Holly, her mother was a cocker spaniel/collie cross and her father a terrier.  She is a strong determined lady and she is in her 13th year.  Unfortunately the last few years she has suffered from anxiety.  Some dogs are born anxious, but it is also common for them to start getting anxious in old age.  This type of anxiety generally gets worse each year.  Loud noises including thunder and fireworks  caused her to wreck things if we were not home.  We tried calming tablets which had some effect, but not entirely,  so we bought her a Thunder Jacket.   Designed to act similar to swaddling clothes on a baby, it wraps around the dog and has a high success rate.  Then, last year when we were away, Holly decided she would not be left in the caravan for longer than a minute!  She wrecked tea towels, towels, 2 quilt covers, and a mat before we got a cage for her.  We had one at home, but home was several hours away.  Once left in the cage Holly tried to wreck the cage.  She was so obviously distressed we decided that she had to come with us wherever we went, which made life a little difficult.  Our other three dogs were fine left in the caravan.   We consulted a vet and found  it was an old age/dementia problem.  Once back at home it was as if the behaviour had never happened.  

This year we were worried.  Before we left home we bought a calming collar and a calming spray.  We decided on the Adaptil make (very expensive), but it worked a treat.  We have been away for 3 months and have since tried a much cheaper make which works just as well, but smells horrible!  We still took her everywhere with us if we went out, which meant we didn't go many places, but she was happy.  I would encourage you to try these products if you have an anxious animal - not just for dogs!

Thunder Jacket

Calming collar.

 If you have an anxious pet, let us know.  We love to see your pictures too.


  1. It is really heart warming when owners go to such lengths to help their pets. I'm glad Holly has you. hugs, Teresa

  2. we have an anxious dog too-Alice a cross Yorkie/Chihuahua who will not be left alone-my son and his partner bought her when they lived with us -so always someone in-then when they got their own house and both working she practically destroyed the house and got reported as she screamed all day-so we took her on as always someone in-but when she is in season she literally screams the place down when I go out of the house-she sleeps on our bed and on the comuter chair behind me-or has to be actually touching someone when laid down--her perfect day??? someone ill so lie next to all day without them moving
    Carol x

  3. To make matters worse-last year we took her for a walk one quiet Sunday morning on the lead and she was attacked by a staffie who was out loose
    Carol x


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