April 15, 2017

Flying Rabbits!

Hello Friends,

This is Teresa and this is the first mid-month post at 2 Crafty Critter Crazies. The team has already shown you a bit of our craftiness. Now is where we get to show you a bit of our passion for pets - our Critter Craziness.

This month I want to introduce the newest member of my pet family - Ricky, the Lionhead (aka Richard the Lion-hearted.) This little rabbit can actually fly.
 Well, maybe not exactly fly, but he sure can jump. I couldn't figure out how he kept getting into the guinea pig cage until I finally caught him at it. Can you believe that someone, who barely stands (on all fours) 4 inches off the ground, can jump 33 inches without a running start?

I changed everything around in the GP cage so there was nothing for him to land on. There was a shelf/roof on the side closest to the open floor, to make a Guinea pig hiding place. I moved the shelf to the wall side. I had hoped that would keep my curious little bunny out. I also bought many different toys for Ricky, hoping to keep him busy. It took him a little while to figure out, but he still managed to get in there.

I don't know why Ricky keeps jumping in with the Guinea pigs. Is he lonely for another bunny buddy? If that is the case, can I possibly say no? Could you say no to that face? In the meantime, I have put a roof on the GP cage. Ricky jumps on top sometimes, but he can no longer get inside.

Here is a free digi for you. I call it "Hip Hop Rabbit - with Wings!" I hope you enjoy it. Please do not post the image anywhere, but you can send your friends here to pick it up for themselves. You can file this one under "Tickell Expressions".
As promised, this is the place you get to show off your own critters, be they furry, feathered, scaly, or other. Post your critter pics in the link-up and tell us about your baby in the comments. You may also post pics of what you made with this month's image. There will not be a prize, but I think this is going to be FUN. I hope you think so too.

Please note, this is NOT the Inlinkz for the challenge.  That can be found here or you can scroll down one post.  This is just for showing off your own fur babies.

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