September 15, 2018

It's a Cat's Life - by NanaConnie

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It's a Cat's Life!  -  by NanaConnie

I have two sweet fur babies who allow me to share their home (as long as I keep their food and water dishes full and their litter box clean.)  They are both cuddly on crisp fall or cold winter nights, opting for the bed where I (try to) sleep because there's always a warm spot if only they can find the exact right spot (which means 'on top of me!')

They also follow me around the house, perhaps feeling the need to keep an eye on me, either for my protection or theirs.  I've never quite figured that out, but they do tend to be in whichever room I'm occupying at the moment, including long hours spent 'guarding' the craft room.

Above is Honey taking up residence on one of the two matching desks in the craft room.

Honey is the one who is first to detect my absence if I have left one room for another.  Generally, I get about 2 minutes before Honey comes looking for me.  Heaven forbid that I take more time than that in the bathroom.  Even taking a shower requires the attendance of one or both of the fur babies, usually with both of them perched on the closed lid of the throne, waiting for the shower water to stop running.  lol  According to their very loud complaints, it truly must be a federal crime to close the door when taking a shower.  Their presence is required!

The sound of the printer starting up
fascinates Honey and you'll find the white furball
 'stalking' the paper tray, waiting for the paper to arrive.
Pawing at the sheets of paper is often required!

Molly can usually be found on the crafting table
(no matter what project might also be there),
guarding the entire room with one, penetrating glance.

If I spend too much time crafting, without taking time out to pay attention to the feline "queens," this is what I find staring at me, with an occasional frustrated "meow" thrown in for good measure!

Ah, yes, I do adore the fur babies.  :-D  -NanaConnie


  1. They are so adorable Connie! :) LOVE the sweet photos and they look like they're so fun!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved reading your kitty story, sounds all very familiar. Your cats are both so very cute!

  3. Such beautiful pussycats, and they sound like real characters.

  4. Love your fur family, and especially, how much they adore their mama! Our fur children add so much beauty to our lives. Thanks for sharing yours, Connie - they are beautiful! xx

  5. Awwww! The babies are so sweet - I had a "Honey" growing up - and the door thing is SO funny! I try to explain to visitors, you can't completely shut the bathroom door, they look at me like I'm insane - then find out WHY they can't shut the door :) Our cats split their time between the 2 of us, but there is always a cat with in view should you feel the need to pet them <3

  6. What sweet babies, sounds like they got your trained just right. lol

  7. Awwwwe... This post is soooooo sweet! I just discovered your blog through Little Birdie Blessings blog... and then I saw your beautiful kitties and my heart melted, as I, too, adore cats! They are, indeed, such fascinating creatures, and yes, just a little demanding at times, ha!ha! I adore mine soooo much, and it's always fun to hear others who feel the same. I love how each one is unique, with their own personality, just like us!!!

    Thank you for this post today on your beautiful fur babies! Honey and Molly are both so beautiful!

    I just became a follower of your site, and I can't wait to see what you post next!

    Blessings, Net


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  9. They are just gorgeous Connie, love their names. As you know I have 2 fur babies myself. Thank you for sharing xxx

    Linda xxx


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