July 14, 2018


By Lisa M Furbush

I always joked that one day I would be the crazy cat lady… little did I know that it would come true and my fiancé, Sean, would join in the fun.

I have always loved cats (and dogs!).  When I was little we had Muffin and Pandy. They were indoor/outdoor cats and very independent.  Pandy lived to 18 years old and Muffin...well he had 9 lives.  I have no idea how old he was when he crossed the bridge.
Me at Halloween (as a mouse!) with Muffin
When Pandy passed, we picked up twins, Ping and Pong (super cute!!!) to learn hunting and cat stuff from Muffin. They were the best little friends a girl could have! 
Me doing homework with Ping.  He loved to do paperwork.
 At the same time, my grandma also adopted a sister of Ping and Pong’s and her name was Meetoo.  When my grandma passed, Meetoo and Puffy (her second cat) moved in with my parents and me.  We had five cats for quite a while!  Unfortunately, Muffin, Ping, and Pong passed and Puffy and Meetoo reigned the house.  Meetoo managed to  outlive them all and moved with me when I bought my first home.  Here is her picture on her 18thbirthday.  It was a very sad Christmas when Meetoo passed at age 19.

Meetoo on her 18th Birthday.  There are no words to express how much I loved her!
Ping, Pong, and Meetoo were in my life for so long – I didn’t know if my heart could love another fuzzball.  Well, as fate would have it, a friend realized how broken hearted I was and literally showed up on my doorstep with Luna the summer after Meetoo's passing.  It was love at first sight.  She is one of the most unique cats I have ever met.  She acts more like a dog than a cat.  She will fetch, she will talk, she waits by the door for your return. She is a wonderful companion and I am so grateful we found our way to each other.

Ms. Luna
Yes, we got her a stroller!
Such a princess.

Now, my fiancé and I had our own places.  He always had dogs but two little cats appeared at his work office and he started caring for them.  He built them a shelter, brought them blankets, and fed them…and fed them….and fed them…. constantly.  We named them MJ and Stella.  MJ clearly knew how to be a cat; Stella, not so much.  It was impossible to touch her.  When winter came around, in CT, one of them started wheezing.   He managed to catch both of them and we brought them to the vet.  We essentially were told that if we left them outside they wouldn’t last the winter.  So, Sean adopted two cats and brought them home!  We had them fixed (or so I thought) and they lived happily ever after in a beautiful home where they were fed off our plates and enjoyed steak, salmon, pork, basically any carnivorous product.  Our little garbage disposals.  Stella is almost better than a dog, but she will not lick the floor.

MJ and Stella - inseparable.
In 2016 we decided to merge households… in Georgia.  I had accepted a dream job offer and Luna and I left Connecticut.  In 2016, Sean, MJ, and Stella made the journey down the east coast.

The merge of Luna, (now 10 years old), MJ (probably 8), and Stella (probably 4), continues to this day. Now, I had never ‘lived’ with Stella, and noticed that she didn’t act quite right.  Sporadically, you’d watch her screaming at the top of her lungs, looking for some love from MJ, and marking certain areas of the house.  NO ONE wants to live with that craziness.  I brought her to a local Georgia vet and thank God, I did.  Unbeknownst to me, when Stella was originally fixed, the 80 year old vet my fiancé used, only found ONE ovary… well that certainly explained a lot.  My new GA vet, for a few pennies, 78,100 pennies to be exact, did an exploratory surgery, and found the withered nonfunctioning ovary and removed it. He also found… or didn’t find a kidney. She’s a wee bit of a freak of nature. While I still cannot pet her, hold her, or sit in the same room as her, she’s a beautiful, long legged, carnivorous, feline with an incredible personality.
Stella after her second fixin'.  :)
Last summer, while Sean was hanging out on our back patio, a pipsqueak cat appeared.  He had no tail, was all cut up, hungry, and looking for affection.  Needless to say, he adopted us.  He wasn’t interested in coming inside so we made him little tents all over the patio for him to rest and stay dry.  This eventually led to his name, Scout, because like all good boy scouts, they know how to set up tents and camp.  

Scout is now a 4thdependent in our household, has had his medical ‘tail’ of woes, and has now become fond of coming in for breakfast and dinner and a little loving.
I don't think he's afraid of coming inside.... Scout.
It’s quite a crew and there is never a dull moment.  Sean is looking forward to moving and adding a puppy to the mix.  I can’t begin to imagine the nuttiness that will ensue. 

I hope you are all having a crafty happy summer!




  1. What a delightful post! I had such fun reading about all your fur babies. I love all animals, but have only had one kitty as a child, and he was an outdoor cat. It's always been birds in our family. My Nanday Conure does believe he is a kitty cat, however. lol

  2. Fabulous kitties! I love each photo, and think you are an amazing family! Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. How wonderful, I enjoyed reading about your kitty adventures!
    Thank you for sharing. :)
    Crafty Hugs, Sherry xx
    Loose Stitches and Unraveled Threads

  4. Fellow kitty lover here! So adorable! Thanks for sharing.


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