March 15, 2018

2 Crafty Critter Crazies - Mid-March Post

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Karen Seifert and Fluff
 About 10 years ago, this long-hair white cat started showing up on our back patio. We gave him food and water, and he would allow me to cut the tangles out of his matted fur. We found out who he belonged to, so I went to visit.
I told the lady we loved him and would like to adopt. She asked if I had children. I said no. She said she had opened a daycare in her home several months ago, and he didn't like kids. So that's why he was hangin' with us.
We got him caught up on his vaccinations, and I named him Fluff (my husband wanted to call him Harry)

Two years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was losing weight, drinking a lot of water, and had an insatiable appetite. Every morning, and every evening I give him 4 units of insulin. He just lies there and lets me stick him, but then he trots to the kitchen for his reward of Fancy Feast.

He is doing exceptionally well, and we are grateful for great veterinary care.

Fluff also enjoys Craft Time!


  1. He's gorgeous!!!! So pretty and so sweet looking.

  2. Awwh!
    What a sweetie
    Thanks for sharing x

  3. How sweet Fluff is, Karen! I love that you get a little white fluff with each project. She is beautiful! And so are you for sharing your life with us. xx

  4. such a gorgeous wonderful cat! ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. Fluff is so beautiful (so glad you didn't listen to your hubby) and looks very patient watching you craft.

  6. He beautiful! He looks like the mama cat that showed up at my place...her name is Winter (due to it was winter time when she showed up).


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