August 15, 2017

Summertime Living

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Hello Friends,

Summertime and the living is easy. It sure is for a certain pussy cat on Prince Edward Island, Canada, ever since my husband finished renovations on our new outdoor pet shelter.
Plussette has enjoyed it almost every day and doesn't mind sharing it with some of my other pets. Emma and Malu (guinea pigs) had a couple of turns. My rabbits - Ricky and Jelly Bean were out twice as well. Unfortunately, they cannot be together because they fight and have many battle scars to show for it. Our other cat, Mineau, was out once, but she complained until I brought her back in. She hates being outside.

We have a padlock on the door so if I have to be inside for a while, the pets are secure. I wouldn't leave them in there unless we were home. Many outdoor cats around here (and even small dogs) have fallen victim to coyotes, foxes or eagles. It is nice to sit outside, enjoying the weather and watching my little critters getting to do the same, without risk to their well-being.

Yup. Summertime and the living is easy, thanks to my handy and handsome husband. He is my very most favorite critter.
Thanks for stopping in. I hope you will show us pics of your pets by using the Inlinkz below. Do you have special shelters, furniture or toys that you have made or bought for them? We would love to see those too.


  1. Fantastic - what a brilliant idea. I left you a YouTube comment xxxxx

  2. It's interesting how the coyotes have invaded just about every land area throughout the Americas, isn't it, Teresa? Love your little shelter, and the sweet photo of your hubby! hugs, de

  3. So glad your critters are safe. In the UK we don't have anything like coyotes but our foxes do enough damage
    My boy in the picture I have added is Nico my 3 year old skunk, who every night sleeps between me & hubby. This photo was taken one morning when he decided he was having a lay in xx


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