June 15, 2017

Leaving the Nest

Hello 2CCC Followers,

The last few weeks have been rather exciting in my aviary. My Zebra Finch (Dad) and Zebra/Society Finch (Mom) have been raising four youngsters. This was after months of struggle, with the bigger birds in the aviary tearing apart every nest they built and destroying their eggs as well. I finally stepped in and constructed a barrier of pie plates around the nest to deter the bullies.

On Sunday, June 11 all four babies flew from the nest. They had a wonderful time until Mom (Carmelite) and Dad (Fred) shooshed them all back for bedtime.
One of the babies
Dad (Fred) with another baby
Here is a little video of the finches in my aviary.
And as a special treat for 2CCC followers, here is a digi I did of Freddy Finch. Please credit Tickell Expressions if you use it in a project and post it online.

Thanks for following 2 Crafty Critter Crazies. With 18 pets (plus the 4 baby finches), I am claiming the distinction of being the craziest of us all. :)

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