May 15, 2017

Oodles of love

Pets bring us many benefits, they help us relax, lower blood pressure and stress levels and give us positively oodles of love.  All they ask for (apart from food, water and exercise) is for us to love them in return.  I have had puppies, tropical fish, marine fish (very hard work!), canaries and a cockatiel.   No birds now (natural causes!) and we sold the fish, so now we just have the four dogs, Holly, Jack, Annie and Red.  Annie and Red are the youngest and they are both miniature poodles.  Red is Annie's daughter.

Poodles are fairly high maintenance as far as their coats go, unless you keep them short.  My husband is not keen on their coats being too short!  They are very playful, full of fun and energy.  They love their walks, often coming back with bits of leaves and twigs in their coats!  Here they are freshly bathed and brushed, looking lovely.

Aren't they just beautiful?  They give me oodles of love!  Tell us about your pets.

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