Our Challenge Rules

R.I.P. 15.12.2022
We're a true "Anything Goes" challenge so feel free to post not just your cards and scrapbook layouts, but your mixed media, canvas paintings, crochet, knitting, sewing, fabric 'paintings,' baked goods, etc.

We start a new challenge on the 1st of each month and end on the 25th of the month.

The winner and the DT favorites, which are chosen by the entire team, will be posted in a separate post on the last day of the month - i.e. one day before the start of the next challenge. In addition to the badges that you can grab as winners and DT favorites for your blog, the winner will receive a place of honor as a guest designer for one month in our team. So please contact us as soon as possible so that you have enough time to send us your work!

We have a very important requirement for every project that is submitted in our challenges

they MUST have a living being.

So an animal - whether real or fantasy - and regardless of whether it is furry, feathery, scalesy or an insect! And it MUST be in focus! ... and not just a little, tiny beetle scrawled in a hidden corner somewhere.
ALL pets, fantasy like dragons, werewolves, unicorns or even teddy bears are allowed!
Contributions that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for the prize and the top's!

You may enter our challenge up to 5 times per month but each entry must be a different project.
You may enter as many other challenges as you like.
Please, new projects only - no backlinking to something you posted before the starting date of our challenge !
Please, name this challenge and add a link to our challenge in your post.
When entering your project, please link to the post showing your entry project and not just to your general blog URL.

Mostly, we really want to see you have fun so come play in our challenges and don't forget the amazing "Critters" with whom we share this beautiful planet.

COMMENTS: Because we are a popular "Anything Goes" challenge, we receive lots of entries. We will do our absolute best to leave a comment on all your entries, but we are all volunteers who have full lives with family, chores, work schedules, and commitments outside of this blog.  We know you'll understand if we do not leave a comment, but we promise to view all your pretty projects and give each entry an opportunity to win AND be recognized. 

More on Comments: If your entry requires a special login or account that our designers do not have, comments may not be left. If your entry is viewable without logging in, your entry will still be eligible for prizes and badges, even if we cannot leave a comment. Thanks for understanding.

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