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My name is Angela and my online home is Crafting With Jack. The name came about because when Jack was young, he would keep trying to jump into my lap when I was trying to craft.  At the moment, I just have the four dogs - I say just because I used to have canaries, cockatiels, marine fish, and tropical fish as well.  There is nothing nicer than coming home to a doggy welcome and I am sure you will be seeing pictures of my beautiful dogs in forthcoming posts.   I have tried most types of craft; I like to design and currently am enjoying mixed media and Bible journaling.

Hello.  I'm NanaConnie.  You can find my creative endeavors on my blog, Grammy's Attic.   I am often called a "crazy cat lady" but the truth is that I'm really an animal lover, not exclusively a cat lover.  At the moment, I share my home with two feline fur babies, although it might be more proper to say they have agreed to share their home with me as long as I keep their food and water dishes full and the litter box clean.  In this group, that makes me feel like a piker but I can assure you that another animal will decide to "adopt" our home as their own and the family will increase once again.  

Dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds of all feathers, tropical fish, reptiles, hamsters, white rats, and even an ant farm, have all shared their love with me over the years and, although I do object to uninvited field mice scampering in unexpectedly, I simply can't imagine a home without several of God's loveable critters in it.

My crafting life currently seems to run mostly to card making, but I love painting, sewing, needlecrafts, quilting, scrapbooking, ceramics, altered art, quilling, and even writing poetry.

Hi. I'm Teresa. My personal blogs are Tickell Expressions and A Closer Walk. Tickell was my crafty Scottish mother's maiden name, so I share various crafts on that blog. On the other, I share my faith art. I also write fantasy fiction and am currently offering audio chapters of my first book on You Tube as well as on both of my blogs.

My pet family includes 3 cats, a large dog, a sweet bunny, 2 female Guinea pigs and a mixed aviary of cockatiels, doves, zebra finches, and budgies. I am looking forward to sharing posts of my pets with you and also getting to see pics of your lovely critters.

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